Preparing for 12/21/12: Winter Solstice

Before you know it 12/21/12 will be here and outside of all the legends and ideas swirling around on this day, this date also happens to fall on the Winter Solstice. At Blue Serenity Acupuncture, we really do believe this date does signify the end………..the end of Fall (a.k.a. lung season) and the beginning of kidney time. Yay for your kidneys!!!


Everyone reading this should stop and take a moment to send a little internal “shout out” to your kidneys. The kidneys in Chinese Medicine are the foundation for life itself by sustaining your Mingmen fire and the original Qi for the other vital organs of your body. If we were to live our lives synced closer to nature, we would instinctively know to SLOW DOWN and conserve our energy like the plants and animals do. This is pretty contrary to what happens in our culture around the holidays, and instead we end up insanely busy, stressed, depressed, and enjoying one too many holiday treats and libations.


Lucky for you we have some great suggestions for you to boost and nourish your kidneys this Winter season 2012. So here it goes…………..


  • Take some time this winter to just rest, relax, recharge and rejuvenate. We give you permission to enjoy a long nap, find some quiet time, drink some warm non-caffeinated herbal tea, meditate and even journal. Winter is the season of yin, of being still, and most importantly self-reflection as all the Qi of your body tends to move inward to assist you in this wonderful season of quietness and introspection.
  • Keep warm, yes even for those of you living in sunny Arizona, it is still Winter out there and you need to protect yourself from the “chill” of winter’s air.
  • Last but also importantly eat warming foods, since your digestive fire (yang) will be lower.
    • Warming foods for example are oven baked seasonal root vegetables, roasted nuts, slow cooked stews and soups that include beans, miso, seaweed, lamb, ginger and garlic.
    • Seasonings that will help warm your body include: cinnamon, ginger and salt, the flavor associated with tonifying the kidney organ itself (salt in moderation always though!).
    • Also make sure to reduce the amount of cold smoothies, iced drinks and raw veggies you eat in the Winter because they reduce your digest fire and the overall yang of your body.
Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we will soon be posting seasonal recipes for you all to enjoy and try out on your own. You have already “liked” us, right? 🙂