Patient Testimonial

“I truly believe that Perry Cooper and acupuncture saved my life. In March 2011, I was diagnosed with Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) as a result of a lung biopsy, following seven years of illness and multiple prescriptions of antibiotics. Following the biopsy I was prescribed an anti-fungal medication. However two days later I was admitted to the hospital with Coccidioidomycosis-pneumonia, bronchitis and acute renal failure. Following all this, a friend recommended that I consult with Perry Cooper.


By the time I saw Perry, I felt like I was going to die, literally. My physical condition had totally deteriorated. I had total lack of energy, strength and appetite. I required assistance to bathe, change the bed and required someone to drive me to my appointments, cook and clean for me. I was barely able to get out of bed.


Today 01 October 2011, I have been seeing Perry Cooper at Blue Serenity Acupuncture twice a week for almost five months. Perry Cooper’s commitment to assisting me in improving my health so that my body can heal has had dramatic results. By following the treatment plan as defined by Perry Cooper, I am back on my feet; I have strength, stamina, energy and an appetite. I am not yet cured of Valley Fever; however, my quality of life has drastically changed. I clean my own home, drive to my appointments myself, do my own shopping, prepare my own meals, and go out to dinner and concerts. In general I am having fun again.


When I began to see Perry, I was seeing nine different physician specialists because my symptoms were so conflicting and I had been prescribed 12 different pharmaceutical medications. Now I see one pulmonary specialist who is monitoring the Coccidioidomycosis and because of Perry’s treatment I am now only taking one pharmaceutical medication.


In my opinion, Perry Cooper’s care and concern for his patients and his dedication qualifies him as the quintessential health care professional. I will never be able to express how important Perry is to my life, my health and well-being. I highly recommend him to anyone who complains to me about a health problem.


Thank You Perry Cooper and Blue Serenity Acupuncture!”


Rocki P.
Mesa, Arizona


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