Blue Serenity Acupuncture
We derived our name, Blue Serenity Acupuncture, from ancient Chinese Medicine.  The color blue is associated with the color of the water element in the five element context of acupuncture, representing the will or motivation within you.  Water has the ability of great force and nothing can get in its way.  Serenity symbolizes a peaceful and tranquil environment.  Combined, the name Blue Serenity represents your will to heal in a peaceful environment.  Our logo provides for a visualization of this peaceful environment, while the color palette and design choices used throughout the clinic and website help to reinforce that experience.


Environmental/Green Features
We’ve designed the clinic to offer as many environmental/green features as possible since many patients are chemically sensitive and/or have been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).
  • Clinic Fragrance Free Policy
  • Solid surface flooring is used throughout the clinic
  • Zero VOC paint was used to paint all of the walls, doors, and trim
  • Linens used are 100% eco-friendly cotton and are washed with made-from-plant liquid laundry detergent that is free of fragrance, soy softeners and optical brighteners
  • Cleaning products used are organic and/or natural and are free of fragrance and chemicals
  • HVAC system passively pulls in fresh outside air
  • Treatment rooms are configured with power exhaust venting to eliminate Moxibustion smoke
  • Solid wood furniture/furnishings that have been off-gassed
  • Purified water