Acupuncture has been in practice for thousands of years.  Acupuncture first started in ancient China as a way to treat conditions in the body.  It is said that people of that time had tattoos of the channels or pathways on the body to show the specific acupuncture points.  Each acupuncture point has a special property associated with it to allow the regulation of Qi (Energy) and Blood to flow properly in the body.  Each acupuncture point also has certain abilities to influence conditions in the body on a multitude of levels to treat a wide range of conditions.  The acupuncture points connect to make a channel or lines on the body where the Qi and Blood flow to their associated organs.  Acupuncture with the use of a needle is designed to adjust the Qi and Blood along with the associated functions of that point.


Acupuncture needles in use today are sterile solid stainless steel, one time use needles that are properly disposed after each use.  The needles are as fine as a piece of hair and are designed to navigate the skin and not pierce the skin like a syringe.


Acupuncture treats both the root and branch of conditions.  It is a complete modality that can address these conditions from many different angels of treatment.  The body is looked at from a holistic systematic approach to provide answers and treatments that are designed to address all concerns.  Acupuncture treatments are very safe, non-evasive ways to treat complex conditions and complement allopathic medicine and prescription drugs very well.  Click here to review the many conditions that acupuncture is able to treat.


Acupuncture is a process and each treatment is cumulative.  Most people will feel the positive effects of acupuncture in the first visit.  It does take time to allow the body to heal with the use of acupuncture and there is no quick fix; however, the results will be a better quality of life while providing a healthier result.


Auricular Therapy


Auricular therapy is a form of acupuncture that is applied to a patient’s ear.  The ear is considered a micro-system of the body that can help and complement standard acupuncture points.  A micro-system is a representation of what is currently going on inside the body and can manifest itself on the ear.  The points in the ear can be used to treat all of the same conditions as the standard points on the body and in some cases are used in conjunction with acupuncture body points.  The ear points can be needled or use a needle-free method such as ear seeds.  With the application of ear seeds, the patient is able to continue receiving the benefits of the acupuncture treatment for many days after the application by occasionally pressing on the ear seed.  After a few days, the patient is able to simply dispose of the ear seeds.


Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine is our pharmacology.  Just like Western Medicine, acupuncturists use medicinal herbs that will complement the acupuncture that is performed.  Chinese herbs work the same way as the acupuncture points.  They address conditions on the same energetic level to elicit a response in the body to allow for balance to occur.  Each formula dispensed is used specifically for the individual person’s condition and in most cases are custom formulas created to help that specific condition.  Chinese herbal medicine is considered safe since the herbs contained within the formula work synergistically to treat conditions.


Chinese herbal medicine traditionally uses raw herbs that are sent home with the patient to decoct into a formula by boiling the herbs for a certain period of time and making a tea, which is a very time consuming task.
At Blue Serenity Acupuncture, we dispense herbal granular formulas instead.  Granules have already been decocted and dehydrated into a power form.  The benefits of granules to the patient are they taste better, are easier to prepare since they are prepared like instant tea, there is no messy decocting of the herbs at home in their kitchen, the granules can still be used to make custom formulas, and they are standardized to provide better bio-availability and absorption to the patient.  All herbal granules dispensed originate from a very reliable and high quality company which follows good manufacturing practices (GMP) and performs over 15 quality control tests on each herbal granule to ensure the safest and highest quality herbal product.


Chinese Medical Nutrition


Chinese medical nutrition or food therapy uses edible Chinese herbs and common American foods to treat diagnosed Chinese medical patterns.  Chinese medical nutrition looks at the individual foods from an energetic level to determine which foods a patient may experience positive benefits from with their medical condition.  The use of Chinese medical nutrition can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement of Chinese herbal medicine.  Using Chinese medical nutrition along with the Chinese herbs and acupuncture can ultimately enhance the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatments.  The acupuncturist requests that the patient complete a food diet diary.  After completion, the acupuncturist analyzes the food diary to determine foods that may either improve the patient’s condition or exacerbate it.  Typically only a few diet modifications are needed to help improve the patient’s overall medical condition.


Cupping and Gua Sha


Cupping involves the use of a glass or plastic cup device that is used to create suction when applied to the skin.  The primary reason to use cupping is to warm and promote the free flow movement of Qi and Blood in the body.


Gua Sha uses a smooth object such as a porcelain spoon that is rubbed on the skin to cause a sha (redness) to occur.  This technique can be used to break up appendages and move Qi and blood.  Gua Sha is typically used for more superficial conditions whereas cupping is used more for deeper conditions.


There are many indications used for cupping and gua sha, resulting in many health benefits to the patient.  Both promote warming and the free flow movement of Qi and Blood in the body, thereby drawing out the stagnation.  The procedures can also dispel cold and dampness, diminish swelling and pain, relive Bi syndrome (arthritis), damp wind, pain in the lower back, shoulders and legs, and gastrointestinal disorders.  Both techniques may leave marks or minor bruising on the body that will dissipate after a few days.




Moxibustion can help increase the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment for the patient.  Moxibustion involves the burning of an herb called mugwort (moxa) which is either attached to the needle or applied directly/indirectly to the skin.  Moxibustion comes in many different forms and can be applied to the body in different ways.  In loose form, it can be applied to a needle or be placed on top of ginger or salt.  In the rolled up form such as a cigar, it can be focused on an area of the body.


The primary reason to use moxibustion is to promote the smooth flow of Qi and blood in the body which can help with pain.  Moxibustion can warm the channels and expel cold.  It can also nourish and warm the different organ systems in the body along with preventing disease and keeping the body healthy.


Qi Gong


Qi Gong is an ancient art of moving the body to allow balance to occur within the different channels in the body.  It can be used for a number of conditions and help with overall wellbeing along with longevity.  Qi Gong can be performed at any age and with any type of condition and it allows the body to move again without causing further trauma.


Blue Serenity Acupuncture offers basic Qi Gong instruction depending on the medical condition that is present.  If more advanced movements are needed, Blue Serenity Acupuncture is able to refer the patient to our Qi Gong Master who would be happy to teach further movements.


Tui Na and Acupressure


Tui Na literally means Pushing and Grasping.  Tui Na is Eastern Medicine’s form of massage and has been in practice for as long as acupuncture.  Using the areas that need to be addressed from an energetic perspective, Tui Na works between the muscle and skin layer.  Tui Na is designed to assist with acupuncture to help heal the areas that are blocked energetically.  It offers more sustainable results than standard massage as it addresses the main medical conditions presented along with acupuncture and other modalities under the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Acupressure involves specific pressure placed on individual acupuncture points with or without the use of tools along with certain techniques to elicit a response from the specific points.  Acupressure can be used specifically for those patients who are more needle-sensitive or in cases of children and adults who do not wish to be needled.


Acupressure can be used in conjunction with Tui Na.  Both procedures can help the body unblock the imbalances in the body.