I started going to Perry Cooper 5 months ago after experiencing dramatic physical and emotional effects due to a few life changes.  I could not understand why my body was not responding and could not get answers.  I became very frustrated and wanted to understand what was going on.  After my first visit with Perry, … Read More

I came to Blue Serenity acupuncture and to Perry hoping to receive some relief from chronic lower back pain.  I also had low energy levels and felt tired and foggy headed throughout the day.  After a few weeks of treatment I was surprised at how quickly my energy levels started to return, and noticed I … Read More

“I have been treated by at least a dozen acupuncturists, and Perry stands out far above them all. He is an amazing talent, in both diagnosis and treatment, and really cares about his patients. Blue Serenity Acupuncture has helped my physical as well as emotional symptoms, from chronic ailments to sports injuries. I cannot recommend … Read More

“Dealing with symptoms of psoriasis for over 20 years, 10 years of which it was quite severe, I found Perry Cooper with a recommendation from a colleague. It was a tremendous relief to see such impressive results immediately, especially after many dermatologists tried to treat it with lotions, ointments, and injections to no significant or … Read More