Patient Testimonial

“Believing in alternative medicine took on a new meaning for me when I met Perry Cooper, L.Ac. The practitioner you choose really does make the difference between your success or failure.


Since December, 2010, I have seen Perry weekly or bi-weekly, mainly for allergies and some back pain and depression. His skills and knowledge are remarkable. He knows exactly what my body needs to achieve optimal balance.


What I did not expect was the way his treatments changed my heart and mind. I became confident, positive and more focused.


Perry Cooper works with his patients thoughtfully. He gave me permission to feel whatever came up and explained that none of those feelings are bad. His credentials testify to his pursuit of every resource so he may help each individual patient achieve his/her goals.


Perry Cooper is a truly gifted acupuncturist and person. He is a rare combination of knowledge, talent, strength, kindness and intuitiveness. He is committed to healing people and I have always felt happy and relaxed after each appointment. His dedication will keep me coming back to him for a long, long time.”


Terry T.
Phoenix, Arizona


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